Specialized translations

We offer you professional translations from German into Russian and vice versa and from English into Russian in our fields of specialization so that you can be sure that your message will also be understood properly in the foreign language and achieve the intended effect. We offer translations in other languages upon request as well. Among others, we also provide all the translations required for PCT nationalizations and validations of European patents. You can find further information under the menu Project Management.

Areas of expertise
Maximum quality can only be achieved with targeted specialization in particular fields.

Patents and patent lawamerican patent
Contract law
Natural sciences
Pharmaceuticals, GMP
Clinical studies
Chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology
Technology and engineering, esp. technical documentation
Medical technology and analytics
Medical aids (orthopedics)
Real estate
Economics and business
Advertising and marketing, Internet
Certified (sworn) translations

Types of texts

Patent applications, scientific papers
Documents for clinical studies, ICs, reports
SOPs, CoA, labeling and packaging leaflets
Regulatory documents for pharmaceuticals
Users manuals, technical documentation
Contracts, private communication and business communication
Newspaper articles, brochures
Advertisements, web pages
Important documents requiring certified (sworn) translation

Certified (sworn) translations

We provide certified translations of documents and important papers from German into Russian and vice versa. Translations of this kind are frequently required for government authorities and courts. We have the specialist skills, know-how and resources to translate your document into the desired target language properly to meet all the relevant requirements.

Working languages

German – Russian
Russian - German
English - Russian
Spanish - Russian

Other languages are available upon request by phone, e-mail or fax, or you can check out our offers under Project Management.
Please contact us for an individual offer.